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Understand The Relation Between Creativity, Toys And Children
Toys are an important part of growing up. Your child’s creativity develops from the very early years and doctors recommend that parents should pay special heed to what they are buying for their kids as that would gradually help the kids in developing their intelligence.
How a 4th Grader Thinks
What are fourth graders capable of understanding? Jean Piaget, the psychologist credited with forming the theory of cognitive development in the late 1920s, created a list of of what can be expected at each stage, and it’s still in heavy use today.
Benefits of the Music for Babies
Babies hear outside sounds and get used to them in time when they are still in their mother’s womb. The sounds which they hear inside their mother’s womb sound familiar after they are born, for this reason they feel safe.
Anger Management for Children
Feeling angry is normal and acceptable for everyone from time to time. Some children are angrier than others due to environmental or parental factors. They may have difficulty to control their feelings. Parents should know now how to manage anger in their children.
E-learning Site for your children
Technological development on the horizon today, the Internet has revolutionized our understanding of many things. From communication to the business, the network gave us a lot more development path.
5-month-old child
5th Month: Infant Development and Milestones
We can say that one of the most enjoyable months for parents starts. Now the baby can easily recognize his parents during this month, and he can even figure out that he has a nutrition clock. Baby development in the 5th month is so fast that even the parents are surprised.
Child with family
Influence of Genes and Environment on Child Development
Knowledge about genes’ structure and some was in which the operate persuaded psychologists to consider that children must have inherited some of the psychological characteristics from their parents. Some psychologists believed that there were no other factors that influenced development. Others argued that due to high flexibility of mental abilities there must have been other processes by which psychological characteristics developed.