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Child motivation
Child Motivation: Can It Be Easy?
Child Motivation and inspiration can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Motivation, when dealing with children between the ages of 5-10, can be even more difficult. Let's understand how children operate in order to help them.
infant 4 months
4th Month: Infant Development and Milestones
You have entered the most enjoyable periods in baby development. Your baby’s movements have increased and become more conscious. Colic and gas pains have begun to disappear this month.
Newborn 1st month
1st Month: Newborn Development and Milestones
The first 28 days are very important for baby development. Babies usually are born between 2.5kg and 4kg. It is necessary to treat babies sensitively less than 2.5 kg. These infants should be fed more often and should be looked at in more hygienic conditions.
Child Development
Ways to Promote 4-Year-Old Child Development
The aim of recognizing and evaluating the developmental characteristics of children is about what they’re capable of, not about what they cannot do. Within this context, it also means eliciting the strengths of children.
Baby hands
Baby hands: coordination and motor skills
Day after day baby hands caresses, touches and takes things. With the hands, the baby already discovers the world before being born. Later little by little, he conquers the capacities of manipulation, that allow him to know himself, his mom and everything that surrounds him.
Developmental stages
Developmental Stages of Infants and toddlers
Children grow at a faster rate from helpless infants to energetic toddlers. Babies undergo this incredible transformation at an astonishing pace. Each month brings new and thrilling developments for both infants and toddlers. New parents are always curious to know what to expect next. However, it is essential to note that babies grow at different paces and in unique ways.
Physical activity
Why is Physical Activity Important in Early Childhood?
Most people have heard that it’s important for children to get plenty of physical activity, but there isn’t as much information as to why physical activity is important in early childhood. That’s why we’re taking the time to provide you with details about the short and long term benefits of physical activity for children from birth to age eight.
brain development
Baby’s brain development
A feeling of helplessness These days, most expecting parents are very well prepared for the birth of their baby, thanks […]