Anger Management for Children

Feeling angry is normal and acceptable for everyone from time to time. Some children are angrier than others due to environmental or parental factors. They may have difficulty to control their feelings. Parents should know now how to manage anger in their children.

Reasons for Having Difficulty to Control Anger

  1. childhood and upbringing: Researches show that children who witnessed violence in family in childhood more often have tantrum. These children may involve with violence outside the home or criminal activities unless they learn to struggle.
  2. Having difficulty to deal with a lot of problems can cause tantrum.
  3. They may feel nervous after playing video games or seeing movies. Children can assume violence as an occasional behavior due to difficulty to distinguish between real life and the online world. Unfortunately, some children can’t know what’s real. Some children can break down tablets or computers when they lose video game.

How to Deal with Angry Child Effectively

  1. Parents and every person in society should avoid violence in family.
  2. Child may have some problems that s/he can’t talk with anybody about. Parents or someone else nearby should encourage your child to express him/herself.
  3. They should play video games including violence and parents should pay attention to the programs their children are watching. Parents should guide what to watch.

What to do during tantrum? If there is no physical violence, you may wait calmly. Yelling is helpless and it may make the child angrier. Ignoring what makes child angry can cause feeling regardless and more tantrum. After calming, you should encourage to talk about reasons of getting angry.

It’s a mistake for parents to let child harm him/herself or do whatever s/he want during tantrum. If so, child can use tantrum to reach his goals. Parents should try different ways to struggle.