Can your child understand when you or others talk to him/her and respond appropriately?

At all ages there are milestones for speech and language milestones. One important point is to observe and understand whether your child is able to understand speech especially when he or she is delayed in speech. When you talk to your child, give him simple commands, play with him/ her, is he/she able to understand and respond?

If your answer is no or sometimes, definitely you need to take a professional opinion on your child’s speech delay.

A common thought process in many parents’ minds goes like this.

‘My child is able to get whatever he wants, climbs on chairs and takes what he wants himself. He does not need my help to play on laptop, iPad etc. He has learnt to use these very quickly. He likes to explore toys by fiddling with its parts, likes to arrange things in a proper order. He can sing nursery rhymes. So he will start to speak soon.’

I would like to explain that none of the above activities requires speech or communication. Children can learn and do things that interest them very quickly.

Please observe If your child responds when you call him or her responds to your simple instructions ex., ‘get your book, close the door, give this to papa, show me your head’ etc. Children above 18 months will be able to do this if there is no problem and if the hearing is normal. when you try to play or teach child he listens, pays attention and responds.

If you have doubt please consult your doctor.