1st Month: Newborn Development and Milestones

The first 28 days are very important for baby development. Babies usually are born between 2.5kg and 4kg. It is necessary to treat babies sensitively less than 2.5 kg. These infants should be fed more often and should be looked at in more hygienic conditions.
Newborn 1st month

Baby Development In the First Month

In the first month babies love tight environments. Because it reminds them of the mother’s womb. In addition, skin contact is very important to them. Because after 9 months of adventure they are in an environment they never knew. They want to feel safe. So embracing them often will be good for them.

One of the most important issues in this period is nutrition. Breast milk is very important for baby. That’s why the mother needs to have plenty of stress-free sleep. Milk may be a little at first. The important thing is to feed often without giving up. Remember that the most effective way to increase breast milk is to feed abundantly.

During the first week, babies loss a certain portion of their birth weight. Because they are born with edema. Over time, edema disappears. Because of this, babies may lose weight for the first week. Parents should not panic in this regard.

During the first week, babies are fed 8-12 times a day and frequently poop. They spend 18-20 hours a day sleeping. They show sensitivity to sunlight and light.

The First Examination of Baby

The baby is re-examined within 24 hours after the birth. In this examination, the baby’s weight, head circumference and height are measured again.

  • Heart rhythm, respiration, red eye test in the eye and internal organ examination is done.
  • Newborn reflexes are examined.
  • The hip control is performed.
  • The belly, hands, feet and genitals are examined.

At the end of first month, babies can do:

  • It is very important that the baby can make eye contact. By the end of this month your baby should have an eye contact.
  • When you put them on a flat place, they can manage to lift their head for a short time.
  • They can respond to toys by crying or calming.
  • They can also make sounds outside of crying.
  • They can laugh spontaneously or as a reaction to your laugh.

An important issue to note here is that 0-1 month development process of babies are different from each other. This must be taken into consideration by parents. However, if you do not have one or a few of these improvements in your baby, you should see the doctor. It should not be forgotten that the stages of development in premature babies, will be from the back.