2nd Month: Newborn Development and Milestones

Your baby has now adapted to the outside world. You know him better. You slowly begin to understand what he wants from the tone of crying.
Newborn development

Baby Development In 2nd Month

Do not be afraid, this month will be easier for you and your baby. Although gas pain and colic continue to be a problem, please relax to know that it will decline towards the end of the third month and disappear.

If you follow 2 months old baby development, you will see that there are many things that can be accomplished differently.

What Can 2-Month-Old Baby Do

  • Now he can give you a smile. In the end of the first month he starts to use his laugh more often. They start to laugh more on their own.
  • When he is 1.5 months old, he gives clear responses to crunches and toys.
  • Now he can recognize and react to smaller objects.
  • When you give toys to him, he can take.
  • He starts to say some vague words contain the quiet letters.
  • He can keep his head upright.
  • If you put him on his stomach, he can lift his head in 45 degree angle.
  • He can get two hands together.
  • He can follow a person or object 180 degrees about 15cm away.


The importance of breast milk in the first 6 months certainly cannot be discussed. However, some mothers may unfortunately have to start working early. If the period cannot be extended, it is very beneficial milking with the pump and accumulate the milk in this way so that the mother’s milk does not decrease and the baby is not deprived of mother’s milk. You can store breast milk in the deep freeze for up to 4-6 months after putting in the specially produced bags to keep the milk and writing the history on it. If the milk is stored in the fridge, there is no problem to be consumed within 24 hours. If the milk is at room temperature, it should be consumed within 4 hours.

It is beneficial to keep the mother’s milk in deep freezing. Mother can get sick. Emergencies may occur, milk may stop coming. It is best to take advantage of this opportunity and to be cautious in these situations.

In the first few months the baby is expected to receive 600-900 gr per month. You can calculate the weight of each baby according to the birth weight.

Senses of Sight and Hearing

Your baby now sees more clearly. He started to notice the pastel colors, but he will still take vivid colors of his interest. It’s a good idea to pay attention to this while you’re buy a toy. As you speak, his tongue moves. The reason for this is that he wants to imitate you, that is a prepare to talk.

The biggest feature of his, even if he cannot see far away, is the ability to follow objects.

In the second month, hearing senses also develop. He begins to perceive the voices more clearly. If, he does not hear his mother’s voice for a long time, he does not feel safe and becomes worried.

He can now distinguish between thick and thin sound. In other words, he can easily separate the voice of mother and father.

As sense of hearing in babies begins to develop, they will begin to make sounds themselves.

He can recognize and respond to the same melodies he listens to this month. If he listens to the same music and the same tale, he can develop habits against them.

Speak abundantly with your baby this month. This is much more useful than you think for his development. Make feel your love with words and touch.