3rd Month: Infant Development and Milestones

Now you are about to enter a pleasant period with your baby. Your baby has slowly become aware of what’s happening around him and even begins to respond…
Infant 3 months

What Can A 3-Month-Old Baby Do

Now your baby’s development is progressing very fast. When you hold his hands, he lifts his head.

This month your baby’s brain development will reach a dizzying speed. He listens to you and reacts to your voice. He can watch everything around.

Gas pains and colic pains have been reduced considerably and a step towards a comfortable period for the mother and the baby has been taken.

When you keep his feet upright, he starts to step on and step out. But remember, of course, that he has more months to walk. Sitting can be harmful for him. Because your baby’s bone and muscle structure has not yet developed enough.

Your baby has discovered his hands this month and knows what they are doing. At the end of the 3rd month, he can shake the toy in his hands. He takes his hands abundantly into his mouth. He opens his hands, looks, moves and follows with his eyes. His hands have become his toys.

The most enjoyable part of this month is that your baby can now separate the people. In other words, parents will appreciate that their reactions to their parents are different from the reactions they give to other people.

How Baby’s Development Can Be Supported In This Month?

Just like in the other months, in baby development in the 2nd and 3rd months, especially the most beautiful way to support brain development is a lot of interest and love. However, unlike the other months this month, baby’s brain develops very fast, so it is important to do various activities with him in terms of development. In this month, he discovered his hands, the sense of touch. So you can either buy them toys or you can make toys and support his development. It will be better in this regard that you introduce your baby to hairy, hard, soft etc. tissues.

You can introduce himself to your baby using a mirror without risk of breakage. It may be fun to explore his face and his hands on the miror.

Nutrition and Sleep

Sleep routine in the 2nd and 3rd months old babies become regular. As the baby grows, the mother can take a more relaxed breath. The baby can take up to 6-8 hours of night sleep.

If he wakes up early in the morning, he can sleep 2-3 hours until noon and then at least 2 hours of sleep after noon.

It would be enough to feed twice a night to form a night sleeping habit at the end of this month. Therefore, care should be taken to ensure that the baby is well fed during the day. It is important for the mother to be careful about the nourishment for the rest of her breast milk.