5th Month: Infant Development and Milestones

We can say that one of the most enjoyable months for parents starts. Now the baby can easily recognize his parents during this month, and he can even figure out that he has a nutrition clock. Baby development in the 5th month is so fast that even the parents are surprised.
5-month-old child

What Can A 5 Months Old Baby Do?

  • He has now discovered his own voice and his cheerful screams make your home more cheerful.
  • He especially knows his mother very well.
  • He can keep his head upright if he is sitting.
  • You should be more careful this month. Because now you may not find the baby where you left. Because your baby learned to roll.
  • He can choose much smaller objects and take care of them.
  • He can comfortably lift his breasts with his arms while lying.
  • He can catch the toy given.
  • He can now recognize his name. He can look at you when you call him by name.
  • He enjoys playing with toes while lying down.
  • He is an individual now. An individual who likes to draw attention. He can only cry to get attention. We advise you not to take his toy. Because the reaction to this may be to cry in screams.
  • The good news is that now he understands you more. For example, if you talk calmly while he is crying you can stop him from crying and he listens to you.
  • He likes the sound that comes out when the object in the hand falls down and he laughs.

How Is The 5 Month Old Baby’s Development Supported?

You can support and intelligence development and physical development in 5 month old babies. In this regard, we can list several suggestions as follows:

  • When you hold him on his feet, supporting him from under his arms, he will learn to relax over time.
  • You can put toys away and make an effort for him to reach them.
  • You can start reading book slowly. This is very useful for both intelligence and language development.
  • Talk to him all the time. Describe things, environment, everything to him.

The Senses of Sight and Hearing

The sight in 5 months old baby is significantly improved compared to the other months. Now he can even distinguish colors that are close to each other. Still vivid colors attract much more attention, but he knows other colors as well. He might even notice very small objects. The ability to observe objects with eyes is also developed. Even small objects can be followed easily.

The sense of hearing has also improved.

Babies generally start teething in the 6th and 7th months but this can be in the 5th month. We have mentioned the symptoms of teething in babies. If the baby has these symptoms, it’s a good idea to check his teeth frequently.