Ways to Promote 4-Year-Old Child Development

The aim of recognizing and evaluating the developmental characteristics of children is about what they’re capable of, not about what they cannot do. Within this context, it also means eliciting the strengths of children.
Child Development

With reference to what children are capable of, it is important to draw attention to what they can do and guide them in this regard in order to improve themselves. Some expected standards arising from the children’s age shouldn’t be ignored.

In the process of recognition and evaluation of children, the things they can and cannot do must be examined carefully and the necessary educational support must be provided. While working on recognition and evaluation studies of 4-year-old development it is necessary to refrain from concentrating on what they cannot do.

Children’s Learning Environments Must Be Enriched

The main purpose of knowing the developmental characteristics of children is to consciously approach them and aim to transform differences into advantages. Also supporting their developments by enriching their learning environments. When children are compared to their peers who are of the same age, it shouldn’t be forgotten that each of them is an individual with different characteristics. It shouldn’t be forgotten that just like children of the same age have critical characteristics of that age, there also many other features that distinguish and makes each of them special.

For this, it is necessary to use learning-centered methods and tools considering individual differences in the process of recognizing and evaluating of children. Recognizing and evaluating the child is a way of learning process. It’s unnecessary to train the child beforehand and wait the conclusion of it for recognition and evaluation.

Children who are subjected to a process of education and training will conveniently reflect the impact they’ve had from this process. As well as the child’s learning, the ways of expressing what they have learned are unique and varied. The child’s recognition and evaluation process should be handled along with the learning process. Along with these it is necessary that in all cases it should be assessed carefully as a data about the child.

How Should Their Development Be Supported?

It should be taken into consideration that during their 4 year-old development period children are dynamic beings that are constantly growing and learning. Children in pre-school are at the peak of growing and developing and rapid changes can be observed. In this regard, they also need recognition and evaluation tools that will keep up with the child’s development and cover all dimensions of his current development. It would be erroneous to evaluate with just one tool that covers one development area. The child also needs different tools to evaluate the knowledge, skills and behaviors of the specific area.

The aim of curious 4year-old’s behaviors in early life stage is to satisfy his curiosity. The process of evaluation and recognition of children must be handled integrally, especially focusing on the specific areas that will bring out the different interests of the children. When the child reaches the age of 4, he needs to be supported and directed in a consciously and properly.