Understand The Relation Between Creativity, Toys And Children

Toys are an important part of growing up. Your child’s creativity develops from the very early years and doctors recommend that parents should pay special heed to what they are buying for their kids as that would gradually help the kids in developing their intelligence.
Creativity and Toys

You should be aware of the appropriateness of the toy for the age of your kids. This article would guide you step by step and would be the once stop corner to know what to get for your kid on their next birthday or the Christmas.

Infants and Toddlers

This is the times when the children learn about colors, shapes and letters. Under the constant surveillance of the parents the children need to be monitored with toys, which are not harmful for them. Alongside they also got to have fun and enjoy those. Ride on toys, building blocks, stuffed toys, and age appropriate shapes and letters are a great option. Communicating and teaching them to walk, sing and say occurs at this stage.


The curiosities of the kids are at peak at the preschool stage and as they are unaware of the objects yet they want to try out everything they are to be specially taken care of during these days. Most of them like to engage in outdoor activities. Sports equipment, swing sets, inflated tubs, sandboxes; dollhouses are the factors that they opt for. Playing in the park and getting along with other children should also be encouraged. Art equipment, books to prep for school, board games can also be made into a fun game by the parents.

School Going Children

This is the stage of development and these years shape the future for your kids. So choosing wisely is the key. Know what your child wishes for. Play materials encouraging sports and physical development should always be on the list. Board games and puzzles are always the go to option. But in this age of technology children are always attracted to video games and online games. That would be okay only if they do not turn into a couch potato.