Makes learning enjoyable exercise program

Every child can learn. No problem learners, only problem is learning programs and systems. Through appropriate skills of study, learning can be fun, even for those who face difficult challenges of learning.

If we teach children learn best through movement, the way we play and the language for better results. We found that no matter how many times it repeats the learning task, which presents both a better way, one can learn in this way, and the development of a new model. This is true learning. The results lead to better health and wellness, intelligence and more practical, personal and professional.

Learning takes place in the moment that forever changed our magical things. Who knows more about real learning, learning expert Dr. Paul E. Dennison Dennison received his training that the international prize in 1975, his reading and research cognitive development at the University of Southern California, gymnastics of the brain PhD project founder. This program has received media attention from around the world at an alarming rate, recent commercials Media CBC Radio, Ontario, a “Today”, “Breakfast Television” with Jill Hewlett, and television City of Women World Magazine, “an article full-page May 8th edition. Article Women’s World spoke about how the brain gym program is useful for those who feel stressed or forgetful. It pointed out that, following these simple techniques, you can make your brain to get exercise and to help achieve a calmer you. In fact, Deborah • Tony person) reporter interviewed the article, the State, the “brain gym is so easy, anyone can do it. It Works! Now I feel more calm some, at home and at work. I can remember everything and get more done. And ‘certainly my brain work better.

Women’s World article also offers the following gymnastic exercises of the brain to increase your brain power:
1) Double graffiti with both hands like a conductor “Paint” large, free-form a mirror image of the air.
2) Lazy 8 in the air with his right hand or on paper, the figure “painting” 8, followed by the movement of your eyes. And then immediately do the same with your left hand, and then, with both hands.
3) Cross-crawl slowly March in place around the elbow every time you bring your knees. These are just a little ‘to do will increase your attention.

In addition, she received rave reviews Denison from readers and reviewers professionals, Debra Gaynor pointed out that “brain gym should be required reading for all teachers Dennison successfully returned the pleasure of reading, with his lessons easy to understand format . Furthermore, the report Geithner, “I came to realize, educators, effective teaching is not made of the information, so that students take passively, but linked in a positive way to connect to the physical movement information. Brain Gym program is so how does it work? This system based motion introduces simple physical activities to improve the learning ability to process information, and to respond effectively. Brain Gym learning program is based on the five principles of educational kinesiology called the five basic premise.

These measures include:
1) Extraction: Intelligence is born
2) Focus: Note intent to follow
3) Note: We take the initiative to learn what we experience
4) Mobile Learning: Growth is looking for a balanced growth and unbalanced search
5) Interconnection: everyone from every

Brain Gym is designed to help people in all aspects of daily life. Brain Gym is also based on three simple premise:
1) Learning is a natural, fun activities continue throughout life.
2) learning blocks are simply unable to move the stress and uncertainty of a new business.
3) We are all learning – prevents us accustomed to suppress the range of our movement.

Who benefits with the use of exercises of the brain? All. For students and educators, can experience a higher level of concentration, organization, communication, self-confidence and a positive attitude to learn, and then add the bonus test scores higher than 20-50%. Parents and doctors favor as well, because it directly affects the motor reader, cognitive, behavioral, emotional, visual acuity, and reading. The professionals benefit, because it is a tool very effective performance management that enables individuals to thrive in the workplace, improve customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

The lessons, such as coordinating your brain and body work together to “walk your talk” to help people to think and communicate clearly, improve memory, attention, organization and the concentration of the individual. Worldwide, today in more than 80 countries in the school gym and train the brain to overthrow more than 415,000 books sold. Brain Gym tools for teachers and students benefit, everyone can experience the level of attention, organization, communication, self-confidence, positive attitude to learn and improve.