Mathematics for your child development

Puzzle is a game of patient efforts, the difficulties and problems of confusion or some other settings to entertain proposed need to solve the problem. It ‘a pleasure to be able to help children develop the skills of logic and coordination skills of analysis and activities.

From the beginning, when we have all kinds of puzzle games as a birthday gift. Even our parents bought these games like pieces of a puzzle games, matching letters. Through these games will include letters, numbers, recognizing the different geometric shape. Starting today, children can solve a puzzle, which contains their cartoon characters or favorite cartoon characters on them. Thus, we can say that a child should be exposed to this type of games to obtain all the types of benefits.

Here are a few to solve the problem, the benefits for children:

  • Cognitive abilities: to improve child problem solving, reasoning skills, visual spatial awareness.
  • Motor skills: an operation to end the engine is very important for writing, but before the child begins to learn that he / she can get a pencil for so long. Puzzle and children (up puslespil Born) as big help teach how to accept and grab the pieces and help develop their in-depth knowledge.
  • Coordination eye-hand: a child has a lot to solve a puzzle in order to strengthen their hand-eye coordination to manipulate.
  • Social Skills: Many puzzles can be played by more than one player, that contributes to the development of interaction and communication between them.

The following criteria should always keep in mind when selecting a child confused:

  • Age Children
    Material used to make the puzzle
    Type of puzzle

Various types of puzzles some puzzles popular math puzzle.
Math Toys (matematik legetøj) or crossword puzzles can be seen as a form of entertainment in mathematics. As the game also involves specific rules for playing or terminated. Players must be taken to help solve these math problems. He or she needs to solve this problem needs to find a solution before other people, will meet all restrictions or conditions given. Sudoku is a popular math problems.

Other types of mathematical problems, including:
Arithmetic, algebra and number combination, analysis, probability, tiles and anatomy board, topology, graph theory, 0 Player puzzle.