Approaches to Newborn Babies

Your baby, who has just emerged from mother’s womb, feels insecure. The baby searches for the confidence and peace in the mother’s womb. The first days, even the position is like in the mother’s womb. That is why you have to communicate by touching, kissing, talking and singing to give the confidence in the mother’s womb. The baby knows the voice of the mother while he/she is still in her mother’s womb. So you can comfort the baby by talking.

Mother Scent

Immediately after birth, a hormone secreted by the mother creates a motherly smell that only the baby can feel. It is very difficult for people to feel this, but babies have very clear perceptions. For this reason, mother’s is the most peaceful thing for babies. They mostly enjoy sleeping comfortably in the mother’s arms. We mentioned that the newborn baby was uneasy and restless after birth. With mother scent and touch, the baby finds the peace like in the mother’s womb. That’s why they take their babies to their laps often, and sing songs with a slight tone of voice. This gives the child incredible pleasure. The most beautiful songs of the world’s most beautiful sound artists can never keep the voice of the mother. Babies who are made to feel loved by their mothers in this way become happy children in the future.

Curiosity in the Baby

Mother’s womb is a well-known place for the baby. But the outside world is very large and there are many things to discover. That’s why the babies always want to look around. Keep the baby in a positions which he/she can see the environment from the end of the 1st month. Different voices, different faces and new environments will be very nice, they will will want to watch without being tired.

Game in the Baby

Babies love to play games. Even when they do not understand, they laugh when you make different sounds and change your face shape. Talking to them is very nice, they like it. Continuously spoken and interested babies’ intelligence development is faster than other babies. It is therefore important to keep in touch with the child.

Father and the Baby

Communication of the mother with the baby is important, but communication of the father is also very important in terms of the psychological and sociological development of the child. For the baby the father is one of the outsiders. The father is the first person the baby communicates with, except the mother. Because of this, the fathers must touch their babies and talk with them abundantly. The father’s approach will determine how much confidence the child will have on people in the future, as well as the way they communicate with others.

From the very first moment the baby has come to the world, parents must make every effort to make them feel safe.