Attitudes of Parents when Raising a Child

Parenting is a responsibility that will last for a lifetime. Parenting starts from the delivery of the child and lasts for a lifetime.

Such a long time period puts great responsibility on those who will become parents. The most effective factor for every child to become a healthy individual is the role of parents’ in children’s lives. Every parent has different attitudes in child rearing. Many factors are influential in the formation of these attitudes, including environmental.  

Excessive Oppressive Authoritarian Attitude

One of these attitudes parents use when raising children is called excessive and repressive authoritarianism. In this attitude, parents play a very significant role in the child’s life. The child’s sleeping hours, home entry and exit times, the clothes he/she wears and much more are all under the control of his/her parents. This attitude is a great obstacle to the development of the child’s self-confidence. Extreme and oppressive authoritarian parents punish their children with insult and violence when they see their negative behaviors. These punishments cause the child to be either too quiet or timid or aggressive. Both ways ultimately prevent the child from being a healthy individual.

Child-Centered Attitude Based on Freedom

Child centered attitude based on the principle of freedom is one of the attitudes of the parents. In this way the child is completely free at home. Parents that follow this attitude show no interest to their children and there is no discipline rules applied at home. The biggest problem with children who are raised with this attitude is the problem of attention deficit and hyperactivity. Children grow up with this attitude lack sense of responsibility, their responsibilities are fulfilled by others.

Attitude of Love and Tolerance

The most appropriate attitude is love and tolerance attitude. The greatest need for children is the love of parents from the very first moment they’re born. It is observed that children who grow up in a family where love is dominant in the family continue their lives as healthy individuals. All parents should follow this attitude.

Parents who have problems in raising a child need help from psychologists. Psychologists follow many different paths in this process and guide families to find the right attitude. In this period, psychologists try to improve the relationship between family members and all developmental stages of children are explained correctly to the parents.