Child Psychology: Through understanding our child’s mind and through Positive Parenting, we will grow with our children

Do you believe that Child Psychology is misunderstood or overlooked by some parents?

There are a few points essential in understanding Complete Child Development, Goal Achieving, and Positive Parenting. As adults, we either have businesses, work, or stay at home to raise our families. All of these positions are difficult ones.

With that in mind, would you ever go into a board meeting and not know the ins and outs of your presentation? Would you tell your boss that you tried to produce the documents a different way and it didn’t work so you just decided to give the presentation on a sheet of loose leaf paper?

Why do many of us take a heuristic approach with our child’s mind?

Child Psychology is the understanding of what is going on in your child’s mind. Children experience stress more than most parents comprehend. Teaching our children Goal Setting, Risk Taking, and how to achieve a high level of Self Esteem, fall under some of the most important teachings we can provide as parents.

Lead by example. Be the person you hope to see your child become. Mirroring this behavior comes through being kind to others, helping others, releasing judgments about other individuals, disengaging in gossip and remembering that everything arises from love, not fear.