Dads Best Parenting Attributes

The Wall Street Journal has recently posted an article about how moms and dads respond to babies and toddlers behaviors.

In honor of Father’s Day of course, the article focused more on dads parenting traits and how they help babies development.

While we know most men and women are different in normal everyday activities, it turns out their parenting traits towards raising children are different too. Moms tend to be more nurturing and helpful, while dads are more likely to talk directly during a temper tantrum, distract baby when he’s hurt and play more physically with him or her.

The article points out that both parents traits are positive approaches for helping baby develop, but we’re glad they decided to put the focus on the dads for this one. It explains how these traits are beneficial to a child’s development, by teaching important traits such as: resilience, persistence and how to regulate and control their emotions.

Some other benefits of involving fathering parenting traits into your home have shown to be:

  • Improved cognitive skills in your child
  • Fewer behavioral problems in your elementary schooler
  • Less delinquency among your teenage son
  • Fewer psychological problems in your teenage daughter

We’ve always known father’s were important to a child growing up but, this article just reinforced it even more. We hope all you father’s have a wonderful Father’s Day with your kids this weekend!