Measuring Success in our children is important to their development

How do we go about Measuring Success in our child’s life?

VERY CAREFULLY! This takes us back to Goal Setting and how it is important to limit the number of goals trying to be met so that our children do not become overwhelmed. This is a very important element in building self-esteem.

Measure the success takes place when the goal has been completed. Remember to begin by reviewing the positive aspects of your child’s goal completion and then gently discuss areas for improvement. Finish the conversation again on a positive note.

Take for example, the situation in which your child sets a goal to achieve an “A” on a math test but comes home with a “B”. Begin praising the positive aspects of the test. If you have the test, review the questions that were marked correct. Next, talk about the sections of the test that were incorrect and help your child to understand their errors by correcting them together. Finish the conversation by returning to the good portions of the test. You may even want to create a re-write test for your child to complete a few days later so that they may attain the “A” they had initially set out to achieve.

If weekly goals are in place, you can sit down with your child mid-week and discuss where they are, to see how you as a parent can assist them. Measuring Success is different in every household and child. Can there really be one way to Measure Success?

Remember to praise them after they have completed or attained their goal; you will have one happy child on your hands with growing self-esteem.