New Moms Back to Work Guide

It’s a disheartening time in a new moms life: maternity leave ending and heading back to work.

Some moms get to stay home and raise their baby, but others have to help support the household and get back into the working world of cubicles and monitor screens. We know it can be a hard time transitioning from having a new baby to already heading back to work so we’ve derived some helpful tips to make the transition a little smoother for you.

Set the date (sooner than later)

Many times a new moms return date back to work is flexible, so many become tempted to put off making the decision of when to go back. Please try and resist. The delay will do nothing but put unnecessary stress on you. Take affirmative action to make a decision about the day sooner than later. This will give you ample time to hash out a proposal with your boss and keep everything out in the open. Be honest with your employer about your need and conditions. Once you have your date set it allows you to move forward onto more important things, such as finding a nanny or caregiver.

Hiring a caregiver/nanny/daycare service

There’s so many options out there for new moms today, their newborn can placed in daycare, have their own personal nanny, have a group sitter or a grandmother/family member can watch your newborn. It really depends on your individual family situation and budget. Be sure to visit daycare’s, interview several different nanny’s, check references and ask a lot of questions. You definitely don’t want to be shy, this is your child we’re talking about. Be firm and search until you find the perfect person or place to watch your baby. Leaving your child and choosing a daycare service can be tense and intimidating, but take your time and pick the one you feel most secured with and everything is sure to work out fine.

Do a dress rehearsal

Don’t wait until the first day back to work to try and get back into a morning routine. Be sure to give your schedule a few tries a week before you go back from maternity leave. This will help make everything run smoother once your routine actually begins. Don’t forget your sitter will need a warm up too. It’s a good idea to let them or the daycare start sooner than later as well, so start as soon as you are financially able. This also gives your baby time to adjust without you being tied up at the office. Trial runs are great to remove out the last kinks, but also allows you to build a relationship quicker with your nanny or daycare and lets you ask any remaining questions.

Make Connections

For many new moms isolation can become a big concern. It’s important for new moms to make connections and feel comfortable not only in the office, but at home as well. We suggest seeking out other moms in the office, maybe women you’ve never talked to before that have children. Or check out local groups for working mothers. If you’re just too busy to do that seek an online community, such as our blog! We’re you can ask questions, read articles and get answers.