Child Discipline: Who is right and who is wrong?

When it comes to Child Discipline and how you approach it, it’s almost like getting into a political conversation with friends, is it not? You either agree or you don’t, and there is usually no middle ground discussion.

Children Behave differently and respond to different actions taken by us. Therefore, who is to say what Child Discipline techniques really work for children as a whole?
Child Psychology tells us that we have to make the disciplinary action match the offense. In other words, make the punishment fit the crime. What happens if your child does not respond to a “time out” or toys being taken away? What do you do then? Here is our approach. This might seem very simple but it works in our house.

I am going to use the bedtime example for Child Discipline. Our children, as yours; always seem to want to stretch the old “sleep time” a little further so; we have started what we call a “trick.”

While the trick helps them to build brain cells, they also have a great time with it. We will take an object from the house (almost anything): Pens, highlighters, nose trimmer, knob (door), eye drops, trinkets from their room, and cuff-links Etc. We will then get them (one by one at bedtime) to close their eyes. The “trick” is then placed into their hands and they have to guess what it is. You see, this trick takes the physical and creative sensors and puts them to work. As our kids try to get a flash of the picture of what they have in their hands, there brain cells develop. They tell us what the item is and then we then show them. Now the “trick” is only done if they go to bed on time and….without fuss!!!

When you use this strategy, you will be amazed by how much information they can absorb. Our children remember things from a month ago and know what they are holding as soon as it reaches their hands. The point I am trying to make is that we no longer have issues with bedtime at all with either of our children. They want to go to bed so they can get the trick.

I hope you have as much enjoyment with this little exercise as we do.