Children Who Sleeps with Parents

Reasons why children sleep with their parents vary. One is that mothers intend having their child nearby to supply the needs of babies easier. This may fall into a habit in time. Second reason is anxiety. Children never wish to sleep alone. There are many who manage co-sleep by finding a way. Of course, there are parents who motivate insisting children to sleep alone.

Reasons of anxiety

A small clatter may cause children anxiety in silent and dark environment. Besides, playing computer games like fighting against monsters possibly lead to nightmare and anxiety at night. Children at early ages have a large realm of fiction.  Thus, when they hear a clatter, they feel as if monster in computer games or cartoons suddenly visit them. They have nightmare about figures which they see in scary movies or play in games.

What to do

Children firstly come up their parents as a shelter when they fear before sleeping or dream a nightmare. In this situation, Parents should be determined and take them to their room to sleep on own. Otherwise, if they permit to co-sleep, children will act as if they win the battle. They try to take every opportunity to go to parents’ bed.

It’s hard for children to get the habit of sleeping on own. But, it’s easy to get used to parents nearby because of feeling safe. Parents should persist in sleeping in own bed without compromising. They should find out certain reasons of co-sleeping and try to solve the problem.

Effects of co-sleeping

If children come up parents due to fear and parents permit co-sleeping, they manage to calm down temporarily. On the other hand, this will grow up the fear. You should need to talk to children on reasons of anxiety or fear. As long as they don’t sleep in their own bed, they lose self-confidence and feel vulnerable. This reflect badly on their individual development.

What to do to separate rooms

They should have got used to sleep in their own bed after providing supplements since their babyhood.

The room may be enlightened when they fall in to sleep.

Door may leave open a bit.

You may stay nearby or read stories until they fall in to sleep.