My Child is Not Attentive When I Try to Teach or Show Him / Her Something!

This is a common problem expressed by parents. In this scenario try the following suggestions:
Boy bored
  1. Observe your child to see what is distracting the child. It may be TV, other toys, iPad games, other non toy items such as bottles, pens or any other objects that child may be interested in.
  2. Turn off TV, computers.
  3. Put away the iPad, Mobiles and tabs. Pl cover larger items that can not be moved.
  4. Identify other things that is distracting for the child and remove them.
  5. Try to be directly in front of the child and try to get his attention. Start with an activity that is interesting for the child.
  6. If your child has been used to watching TV and playing with iPads or tabs, he may fuss and cry a lot when you take them away. But if you persist, then he will start engaging with other toys or books.
  7. Avoid doing most activities in front of the TV like feeding, playing, dressing.
  8. Put the TV remote out of sight and out of reach and allow TV in a controlled mannered., half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the evening.
  9. Introduce new activities, teach play activities with different toys and dolls.
  10. Be patient. as the child gets used to the new routines and experiences he will start responding.