Family-Friendly Backyard Activities That Are Literally Cool

As a parent it is natural that you do not want that your child will engage themselves to their iPods and smart phones throughout the summer vacation. But nowadays due to the scorching heat you cannot really blame your child to stay indoors. But there are also some families who love have family friendly activities outdoor.

Host a pool game day

You can host a pool game if you have a neighborhood pool or a backyard. This place can make you cool while you are moving and running. You can also play a macro polo rousing game, then after you can throw challenge to your kids to beat you in volleyball or basketball in pool. As the day is big in the summer so you can arrange lots of game on pool toys, 2-in-1 basketball game, and etc.

Create a splash pad for a slide

You can make the slide of your backyard to be more fun by adding a splash pad. At the bottom of the slide lay a tarp and then on top of the tarp place a sprinkle, you have to arrange this side where no one will run. Then on the high you can turn the water and take turns by zipping down the slide. Then on the slippery tarp you can land with a splash. Everyone will love this surely.

Water balloon baseball

During the hot days of summer the cheap and easy way to have fun is the water balloons game. Along with fun they can also cool off you. You have to head to the store of dollar and then stock it up on the small balloons. After that you should teach your child that how they can fill them at the hose or at the kitchen faucet. You can suggest a baseball game instead of a traditional fight of water balloons. For the baseball game you must set up bases with towels that are folded up and mound of pitcher’s. And then take a turn to try to hit the balloons and break it with the help of a bat.