5 Important Methods For Bringing Up Children

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Love Them And Trust Them

The first and most important rule when it comes to bringing up children is to love and trust them. Do not make conditions about your affection. Avoid expressions like “I will love you more if you do this.” You can say that “If you study more, I will be more happy” but your affection should be unconditional. Because affection is so special and sacred that it is not-negotiable. There are no parents that do not love their children. Parents love their children but can they show their affection rightly and adequately?

Another matter as important as love is trust. Express your confidence at every opportunity. Children who have been trusted in life have always been more successful. Children who are not trusted whatever the subject is will be always unsuccessful even if they are very intelligent or very talented.

Give Responsibilities to Them

Do not take all the responsibilities of the child. The small responsibilities that you will give to your child such as cleaning their rooms, throwing away the garbage and arranging the wardrobe may be small for you but they are big responsibilities for your child. They prepare the child for life. They teach the child to stand on his/her own feet. He/she learns to cope with the negativity in the life.

Accept Them As Individuals

They may be part of you, but do not forget that they are individuals from the very first moment they came into the world. Do not try to build too much authority over your child. You have to accept that they are individuals, they can make their own decisions and your right can sometimes be their wrong.

It is the duty of parents to prepare the appropriate ground so that they can discover their interests and abilities to reveal their character. Let them do whatever will make them happy in the life. Let them chase their dreams. Let them live their own rights, now yours.

Care About Their Questions

Answer carefully the questions the child asks. Answer the questions no matter how meaningless they are. Encourage them to ask questions not to blunt the feeling of curiosity. The child who asks questions is intelligent, curious and opens to learning.

Spare Time for Your Child

The most precious thing you will give to your child is time. The time that you spare for your child is more precious than the most expensive gift. You may be very tired and you may be very busy physically and mentally. However, remember that your baby will never return to the babyhood again. It is not the amount of time that you have spared for your child, but the quality is important. Standing by the child for hours is not mean sparing time. Even if it is little, it is much more useful to spend the time effectively that you have spared for the child.