Four Crazy Parenting Methods That Actually Work

Many times parents consult different or ‘odd’ ways to raise their children. If you’re one of those parents looking for a new way to parent your kids then check out our four crazy parenting tactics.

Never teaching your kids to say the word ‘no’

I can remember the days when my child learned to say no back to me. I would say things like “come on lets get ready to go home” he would reply back “NO!”. If you can’t stand having your kids say no over and over, than consider never saying it to him/her. This can certainly be a difficult task, but it would definitely have its benefits. But if you don’t think you can go without saying no, consider only telling your child no to big mistakes, such as: no, no you don’t cross the street without a grownup. But for other things, you can give them the intended message without saying the word no. For example, if you want to keep your child from touching things in other peoples houses, simple tell your child “we don’t touch things in other peoples houses” or “we don’t touch things that aren’t ours”. This tactic should banish any ‘no’ mimicking your child might pick up.

Talking to your baby or child like a grown up

We sometimes get caught up in the cuteness of talking like a baby or child, that we don’t fully comprehend the bad it does. Saying things such as, “aw did him hurt his widdle head?” not only teaches your child to talk like that, but lets be honest can make you look a little foolish yourself. In fact talking to your child with proper vocabulary can help with speech development and with their own vocabulary. Remember that our children learn from us and mimic everything we do, so it’s important that we try to set a good example.

When potty training, let your baby go diaper free

This is also known as “elimination communication” can be a tough and messy parenting method to try. But many parents have had success with the method. Basically, parents who follow this method only use diapers as a back up. From the day their baby is born they rely on cues and signals that their baby has to go to the bathroom. The idea behind this is that eventually the baby, mother and father will become in tune with the baby’s natural rhythms of going to the bathroom. Eventually the baby will learn how to effectively communicate and control when he/she has to go to the bathroom. This parenting method may sound a tad bit crazy for you, but don’t dismiss it completely. You can also wait to adopt this method on an older baby or toddler when it comes time to potty train. It tends to work better when your child is older because he/she can better comprehend the process better.

Bite baby back

For the longest time my sister had the worst problem with her daughter biting her and other kids at Sunday school and preschool. She had tried everything from giving her something else to bite, using orajel on her gums, giving her time outs—everything. Nothing seemed to be helping and she couldn’t always figure out if it was her daughter biting because she was teething, or if it was out of anger with other kids. So one day when he daughter bit her arm, she said “no don’t bite that hurts” and bit her back. Her daughter finally realized that biting hurts and when you bite someone, they may actually bite back. She hasn’t bit another person or kid since. Many critics and child experts may tell you this isn’t a good way to handle your child’s biting habits, but hey… desperate times call for desperate measures and it may be a parenting method that helps keep your kids in line.