“Please Stay At Home Mom” – The Need For Mothers to Be With Their Toddlers

A woman nurtures her womb for 9 months and becomes a mother and nature expects her to do the same for the rest of her life, and that is why the word ‘mother’ has so much charm attached to it.

The feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that a mother derives when she sees her baby smile, walk or talk for the first time are incalculable. A working mother would obviously miss out on these moments and this is why more and more mothers are choosing to stay at home.


As children grow from infancy to adolescence, they learn about various aspects of life; having their mother around in such times embeds in them a sense of self esteem and a feeling of security. As per the Child Development Research, human development begins on day one and the child starts to grasp various habits of the person raising him and this calls for another reason that demands mothers to stay at home.

I remember my childhood pretty well, mom and me going to the zoo, playing in the backyard, working in the garden; I remember everything so clearly and today she is a distinct part of my memories and all this could be possible because my mother chose to stay at home.

Today, millions of infants and toddlers are being deprived of nurturing care due to both parents working and the frequent changing of primary caregivers. Their physical and mental health, along with education, eating and sleeping habits, etc are seriously compromised upon if the mother too is working.

A child, while growing up demands friendly care and a mother choosing to stay at home fosters a close bond between the baby and herself and that’s what motherhood is about– selfless service to another, to a vulnerable child who needs you.