Greeting a Newborn for the First Time

You’ve just brought your bundle of joy home and now begins the flood of visitors to your home to see the new baby.

Many new parents become very protective and lay down ground rules for guests as they come to see the little one. And this is for good reason, newborns are susceptible to many germs and diseases that we, and others, carry on us. So here are some basic guidelines to follow when going to see, or inviting someone over, to meet a newborn for the first time.

Wash your hands

No matter what, and if you do nothing else, wash your hands! Or if there isn’t any soap and water use some sort of hand sanitizer. Why? Because infants are prone to pick up any germs you have on your hands, and hand contact is the easiest way to spread them.

Keep your young children at home

Well turns out most young children and toddlers love babies. And yep most young children and toddlers carry lots of germs and infections—especially ones who attend pre-school. Infants are delicate, so try to refrain from bringing other outside children to visit a newborn until he/she is slightly older.

Don’t criticize

Every women who’s ever had a baby or watched a baby, feels she knows everything that’s best for a baby. But please, if you’re going to visit a new mom, or a veteran mom for that matter, don’t criticize how she is taking care of her baby. Saying things such as, “your baby will catch pneumonia if you don’t put socks on his feet.” Generally if it’s not your baby, you shouldn’t say anything about how to take care of it.

Don’t intrude

Coping with bringing a newborn home can be very stressful for new parents. Please call ahead of time to ask if you can come over to see the baby. Many times we’re so excited we’ll just stop by without calling first, but really, give the parents some time and allow them the option to turn you down until another time. This also goes for the adorable baby in the super market. Don’t assume just because they are dressed adorable that the mother wants you to touch him/her. Always ask before touching a baby whether you know them or not.

Don’t snoop either

Women, lets admit it, can get a little nosy when it comes to other peoples business. So try to refrain from asking questions that seem too snoopy. Sometimes these questions can come off as if you’re questioning their parenting skill or style.