Introducing your New Born to your Pets

Pets always need some time to adjust to new members in the family. Whenever you are introducing a new born to a pet, you must remember that it is always a gradual process.
Dog and your baby

When your child is growing up, you need to review some obedience skills with your pets so that it will consistently and reliably obey you. Whatever behavior you desire, the instructions should be given accordingly.

An affectionate and a curious pet can at times unintentionally harm your child. The baby can be scratched or can even fall down when the dog may jump upon your way to investigate something. The nails of your pet should be well trimmed. If you are facing any behavior problems with your pet, resolve it now when your life is comparatively less complicated.

Some preventive measures should be taken before the baby arrives. Your behavior problems increase with time when you have sleepless nights with the baby. If you are parents to be and are considering to obtain some pets for yourself after the baby’s birth, you should first consider the extra time and energy which will be consumed with the pets.

For the first few days of the baby, it is best to isolate him from the pet. The pet should also be given adequate time and should not be ignored.

In front of your baby, you should maintain a positive interaction with your baby so that the dog may not see the presence of the baby negatively. You can give the pet a blanket which has the smell of the baby or you can place the baby’s blanket where the pet sleeps.

Treat your pet with gentle words so that the pet may develop positive relations with the baby even before it has arrived.

You can also make a tape recording of a baby who is crying and play this whenever you are training your pet for obedience. The pet should be praised from time to time for a desirable behavior.

By following all this, your pet will stick on to the basic training given to it in spite of the curiosity when the baby arrives.

When you introduce the pet to the baby you should have one adult to hold the pet in a sit or a stand position and one adult to hold the baby.

If you keep your dog under control and follow simple instructions, it will be easier to introduce the baby to the pets.