Raising Children – Mommy Regrets

We all know that parenting is a learning experience. And nobody likes regrets, but when it comes to my life and parenting I know I certainly have a few. With all the challenges moms face today, you’re bound to run into a few fumbles. We’ve got some of the biggest regrets parenting-source’s moms wish they could have changed.

“I regret not enrolling my child into some sort of preschool until she was 4. The other kids had been in the program a lot longer and my daughter was a little behind.” – Mary A.

“I was so busy having my baby and getting back into the work routine that I completely skipped filling out her baby book. Now I have no idea what, when or how she said her first words or steps.” – Jennifer M.

“I really regret not giving my son his father’s last name. At the time we were fighting and there was a lot of tension, but now 5 years later, I wish I would have been mature and given him his dads last name.” – Marina K.

“I took a ton of pictures and videos of my baby with her father, but um… forgot to take any of me and my baby. So I’m absent for a lot of the good shots.” – Jacqueline B.

“For my first child I really regret going all out; buying expensive furniture, toys, clothing and bedding. Kind of turned out he threw up on all of it and didn’t play with all the expensive stuff anyway. What a waste of money…” – Karen G.

“My husband and I moved half way across the country while I was pregnant. I gave birth with parents only on the phone hearing… and afterwords I was all alone learning by myself how to take care of a new baby. I wish I would have sought out a mommy support group or some sort of new mom classes.” – Rebecca M.

“I think it’s so cool how pregnant women now are documenting the whole pregnancy by taking ‘bump’ pictures every month. I really wish I would have done something like that so I could look back…” – Stacey J.

Even though we may have some regrets, parenting doesn’t come with a manual and we ultimately have to learn by just doing. When I gave birth to my son, doctors were just getting back into recommending breastfeeding. All of my friend had just did formula, so I did the same. Now looking back I really wish I would have breastfed with my first born, just so I would have had that bonding experience. I learned from my mistakes and when I had my daughter I did breastfeed, and I loved the bonding experience I had with her.