Child Abuse Prevention

Month must be to prevent child abuse months. As a parent educator, who is a kindergarten teacher and mother of three children, I am very shocked to child abuse, neglect, abuse and murder in our growth rate.

Why is it that in a country like ours where we are always trying to improve our children, the people need to get a license to drive a car or to get married, but anyone can have a baby, there is a proper education, how to care for babies and young children? We saw some disturbing cases, such as a mother kidnapped her children, and who come from that country, mothers and fathers of their children to remain in the car to reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so we can go play or go to mall and newborn was beaten because they were crying too.

Most of us think that parents instinctively, as long as our baby is born, you will know how to do. But once we get that little bundle of home, and you see what he or she is up to us to push past, and many swear they will never cross the line of his confidence that we want proper care, many parents become confused. Parental frustration will lead to child abuse. The most common form of child abuse is shaking baby syndrome. Brain stadium violence in the child’s skull, broken blood vessels and nerves around the brain tissue and the brain jerk back and forth. Brain hits the skull, causing injury and bleeding inside the brain. These tiny victims, 20 percent to 25 percent die from their injuries. Most of the rest suffer permanent damage.

Irrespective of national borders trembling child. And ‘success in the family and all the colors rich and poor in the family.
Just shaking baby syndrome in the US alone, more than 1,500 cases per year. And ‘likely that many more children are suffering from the effects of SBS, but it is not known because the victims almost SBS external signs of trauma. University of North Carolina study estimated that we could detect only 1% of all children SHAKE!

But this reduction, education and other parents how to soothe colic than babies cry and how to rest and seek help, you can save the medical and legal expenses of nearly $ 2 million. It was just a new way to prevent children can take calm. There are some cultures in the world, where the little baby crying. A person should not know how, in a complex society like ours, we do not have adequate education and training to take care of a child demanding, but the underdeveloped countries of the other people who have the knowledge to keep their children safe and quiet.

In the national program certification, happy child, to block, the famous pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp, Maryland hundreds of certified educators have been trained in the United States, to help parents before and after birth. In this program, parents were taught the old technology, has long since been abandoned and replaced by the old wives tales to tell us, we will destroy our small child, if we love them too.

The core of this program is to teach parents when five calming techniques, put together properly, triggering innate calm reflection, in their children. Parents learn in the first six months after birth, children still need this self-comfort, ate nine months in the womb.
Given this comfort, infantile colic unlikely. Will have fewer children crying and shaking syndrome, low failure rate of marital stress and lactation.

The technology has also increased involvement father and reduce the risk of postpartum depression. This is what Dr. Karp called “fourth pregnancy missing”, it has been proven in thousands of children across the country work.
The content of this program can not be found anywhere else in the local hospital, birth center or other facility for all education programs parents are the happiest children of parents educators. In order to prevent these innocent children to death, abandoned, neglected, or other forms of abuse, parents need to be trained how to care for their precious newborn.

Yes, when we have a petition to implement parent education compulsory our hospitals, birth centers and facilities for the care of children, in order to prevent more childhood deaths. Even more, he started as young boys so young will have more knowledge, what happens in high school age or teenage pregnancy centers, if they have a son too fast. If you know people expect or at home with a newborn or a child care provider, you are welcome to use resources, hospitals, libraries, or other reliable resources from existing. Seek help not let anyone look down on you, in fact, that will pay for itself in the future, your child.