Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning is a great time for parents to evaluate their home for any safety issues that might pose a threat to their family.

Here we put together a list of tips to consider while cleaning your house in order to keep your family safe.

Spring Cleaning Safety Tips:

  • Be diligent about safety regarding open windows! Make sure furniture, cribs, and other objects that children can climb on are kept away from open windows to prevent any falling accidents.
  • Install smoke detectors in areas of possible fire hazard. Change the batteries at least once a year. Most smoke alarms also need “spring cleaning” maintenance – check your manual.
  • Keep a correct type of fire extinguisher in your kitchen and other high-risk areas.
  • Keep all traffic pathways, inside and outside, clean of obstacles, shoes, toys, etc. Clean up spills immediately to prevent falls.
  • Prepare an emergency evacuation plan with your family and do a practice test run.
  • Store all toxic substances, cleaning products, paints or car products in a locked storage area and in their original containers.
  • Check your child’s playroom for recalled and banned children’s products.
  • When washing the car, make sure to pay attention to cleaning your child’s car safety seat as well – sticky snacks, crumbs, and drinks can interfere with the crotch buckle and chest clip. Use the instructions to find out how to remove the cover and clean these parts. Take the time to weigh and measure your children to make sure they still fit in the seat. Check that the shoulder straps are the right height. Be sure the seat is installed securely.
  • Check all locks and gates surrounding your swimming pool to make sure they are in proper working order.

Your yearly spring cleaning is a great time to perform a safety evaluation of your home and correct any areas that might pose a threat to the safety of your children. And remember—if you have any questions regarding improving your home’ s safety you can always contact the experts at Safe Start Baby for a consultation.