Making Doctor Visits Easier for Your Toddler

I can remember taking my children to the doctor when they were toddlers, not a fun time. They were frightened by the doctor himself, the strange tools and unfamiliar surroundings; not to mention the weird strange guy was about to touch him. If you are concerned about making your toddler’s doctor visits more pleasant, than read on, we’ve got highlights to help you and your little one feel better about it.

Don’t arrive early

Try to time it just right so you arrive just in time for the appointment. Of course waiting is probably inevitable, especially once your waiting in the examination room. Be sure to bring one of your toddlers favorite toys, or stuffed animals that he/she can cuddle with. Help them become comfortable by asking if he/she has any questions or try to explain to them the different tools in a caring way. For example: This is the doctors stethoscope he’s going to check your heart to make sure it’s beating just right; It won’t hurt you and see even mommy can put it on her heart.

Try to treat the doctor and nurses like friends

If you try to make the doctors visit, as if you are visiting a friend your child may be more receptive and less scared. A great way to help him/her remember for the next visit is to take a picture of each person who works with your child. Print the pictures and have them look through the album before the next doctor appointment. This will help your children to become acquainted with all the staff.

Try to make it a family affair

If you have more than one child, it may be a great idea to take all of your older children to the doctor with your new toddler. This will help them feel more safe and secure about going. Or if you don’t feel you can handle taking all of your children to one doctor appointment, consider taking someone else, say the baby’s father or a close friend of yours that the toddler trusts.

Keep the same doctor

Taking your toddler to the same doctor will help them become acquainted with one particular physician. When you change doctors you, in a way, have to restart this process all over again. But of course most important is to find one you and your child are comfortable with. If you haven’t found one like that, by all means keep searching.

Bring a toy, snack or something else

Once your child is in the examination room ready to receive his/her shots a toy or snack will help drastically. Be creative when trying to distract your baby while the shot is being administered. If it helps, hold your baby and have them look at your and give funny faces. One great thing my doctor use to do for our kids when they were younger is they gave them a tiny cup of sugar water right before giving the shot. My kids were so engrossed in the flavor currently in their mouth that they completely didn’t realize the shot was being given. Lastly, you can always bring food to try and persuade them. Give them the lollipop as they are being given the shot.