B12 Deficiency In Children

B12 deficiency which occurs as a result of malnutrition can cause some troubles in children. B12, which is important for brain development, is a vitamin that must be taken into the body with foods because it is not produced in the body. This vitamin, especially found in animal foods in abundant quantities, are found in animal products such as red meat and eggs. Nutrition of mothers is especially important, because vitamin intake starts in the mother’s womb.

Indications of B12 Deficiency In Children

  • Growth and development retardation
  • Fatigue
  • Retardation in child’s motor development
  • Weakness in the muscles
  • Problems with motor functions such as speaking, walking, smiling, sitting
  • Pale skin
  • Memory and perception weaknesses
  • Tinnitus
  • Tension and depression indications
  • Numbness in legs and arms
  • Vision disorders
  • Heart throb and being out of breath

Although these symptoms are sometimes confused with other disorders, they are actually caused by the lack of B12 vitamins required for each organ of your body. Sometimes vitamin deficiency is thought to be a symptom of a serious illness. If you observe this situations in your child, you should definitely consult specialists in order to be able to make diagnosis and treatment correctly. The easiest way to figure out if there is a B12 vitamin deficiency is to have a blood test. With a simple operation, you can instantly learn your vitamin rates. When the rate of vitamins is low, the doctor may want to do some more tests to investigate the cause. There is no need to worry about, this is for the purpose of treatment.

You should not spend time to get into the treatment process. According to the severity of the deficiency,  doctor gives support with nutrition. However, when nutrition is not enough, doctor gives B12 supplements. These vitamins should be adjusted by your doctor. Sometimes it is because of the troubles in the digestive system. For this reason, it is recommended that children with B12 deficiency should be thoroughly investigated for the cause. In the case of severe B12 deficiencies, the doctor uses the B12 ampoules as a needle. Side effects such as nausea, diarrhea and vomiting may occur during treatment. Such side effects should be reported to the doctor.

In the treatment of B12 deficiency, medicines alone are not sufficient. For this reason, families of children are advised by specialists to give red meat to the children for 3-4 days a week. Breastfeeding mothers should not only feed their babies, but also they should eat nutrition that contain this vitamin. The consumption of foods rich in vitamin B12 allows children to return to normal faster. Families should be very cautious as B12 deficiency, which is a very serious vitamin, will cause serious neurological disorders and decline in the level of intelligence if it is not noticed early. B12 deficiency, which directly affects the nervous system that is expressed as anemia and forgetfulness, is unfortunately seen in many children and adults today.