Getting Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep, is a blessing for both you and your baby. It is important for both you and your baby to get a good nap and is beneficial for your health.

Important for You and Your Baby

There are important reasons why your baby should get sufficient nap.Getting enough sleep is important for its restorative value. And it is not just that, even though it is the most obvious benefit. There are other important benefits of it, like:

  • For children adequate sleep helps in their brain development.
  • A good nap also helps in night sleep. If the baby isdesperate for sleep and does not get enough of it during the day, then they may not be able to sleep well at night either.
  • Infants who get good sleep are comparatively less fussy and also have longer attention spans.

As a parent also, you can benefit from your baby’s nap time. The quiet time which you get to experience when your baby is sleeping is enough to recharge your batteries as worked up and exhausted parent.

Right time for babies to sleep

This time may depend on the baby’s age. A newborn baby is easily overwhelmed by the new surrounding. Thus, they have a tendency to sleep more frequently. They tend to take short naps all through the day with two major naps towards the morning and afternoon.

When the baby is between three to six months old, they get into a routine of sleeping in the morning and the afternoon. In case you find your baby to be cranky and restless, then chances are that your baby is not getting enough sleep.

The routine of morning and afternoon continues all through the first year. When the child is between one to two years of age, they can many times let go the morning nap, but the afternoon nap routine still continues for them. This routine continues even when the child is around four years old.

Duration of Sleep

Good sleep routine helps in the baby’s mental and physical growth. Thus, it is important that they get sufficient sleep. Many times baby’s develop their own sleeping habit and routine. Again at times it is the parents who develop a sleep schedule for the children. So, it is important that you follow what works best for you.

Signs of Sleep

It is important to know when your baby is ready to sleep. If you remain unaware of it and do not attend to the sleeping needs of your baby, then you may end up dealing with a cranky and tired baby. Some of the common signs of sleeping are as follows:

  • Babies becoming quiet and slow
  • Rubbing of the eyes
  • Yawning
  • Wants nursing
  • Becomes fussy
  • Or resorts to thumb sucking or a pacifies or a sleeping toy

In the beginning, as a new parent you may struggle to understand the sleeping needs and habits of your infant. But gradually, you will understand your baby so well that you will know beforehand when your baby wants sleep.