Healthy Sleeping Habits: Child Sleeping Patterns

It’s no wonder that sleep forms an integral part of daily routine of one’s life. During early development, sleeping is usually considered as the primary activity of the brain.
  • Why is this process of sleeping even that important?

Sleeping is important because it plays an indispensable role in maintenance of a number of bodily functions, for ex:

  1. Healthy functioning of the brain
  2. Well being of emotional status of an individual
  3. Nurturing of physical health
  4. Determination of performance during daytime
  5. Individual safety
  • So, how much sleep does your child need?

In this era of technology, all parents are already aware of what is best for their child. However, a bit of apprehension develops because of irregular sleeping patterns of the infants which usually worry the parents. Whether your child is an infant, a toddler, school aged kid or a teen; parents want to know the recommended hours of sleep. Is it alright to take naps every now and then? The amount of sleep normally varies from individual to individual and certain other factors. Customarily, the age of a child is considered a benchmark for the determining the amount of sleep required.

  • Are the irregularities in your child’s sleep routine worry you too?

Guidelines established by American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) render a wonderful criterion for monitoring the sleeping patterns of your child at various stages of growth and development. The numbers recommended dwell upon total sleeping time in a 24 hour period. So, next time your son or daughter takes a nap just consolidate it with the typical sleeping time.

Following are some general guidelines for recommended amount of sleep:

Age Amount of sleep (hours)
1-4 weeks 15-16
1-4 months 14-15
4-12 months 14-15
1-3 years 12-14
3-6 years 10-12
7-12 years    10-11
12-18 years     8-9

Nevertheless, parents should always bear in mind that all kids are individual entities. Thereafter, the amount required for a healthy and sound sleep may vary.