How to Deal With Your Child’s Bedtime Fears

Many children go through different peculiar phases of having various fears, which are associated with bedtime. All these fears can take different figures from the platonic monster or from some accompanies.

We must have to understand the child’s fear and should not dismiss or make fun out of their fear. We should have to reassure them about their safety and should relax them time and again. We can provide them with security objects in the night. Night-light is a very helpful tool to deal with their fear in a strong way. We should teach them about various coping techniques.


Take your child’s fears seriously

Don’t avoid your child’s fears or try to tease them because, this kind of fear may seem silly to you, but they are become serious and seem real to your child. As responsible parents, your duty is to make your child feel always safe and protected and side by side help them to develop their self-confidence and overcoming skills. If your child talks anything about scary at bedtime, you should ask in details. Try to use open-ended questions so that it is become easier for them to share everything to you.


Once you understand the nature of the fear, let your child know that they’re safe

If the feel that the fear is about separation then reassures your child by saying that you will always be there when he will wake up in morning. Talk about some different stuffs so that he or she can enjoy her bedtime quietly. Say something positive and normal.

If your child gets afraid about fire or a tornado, tell them that there are already smoke alarms or weather alert in the house, which will warn people about any dangerous situations. Explain them how you have prepared yourself for facing those incidents in recent future.