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child fear
Child’s fear of loneliness: how to overcome separation
Young parents are often concerned about some features in the behavior of the child, which they personally seem incomprehensible. For example, a child's categorical refusal to let his mother go even for a minute out of sight or a violent protest when someone other than his parents tries to touch him. The main reason for this behavior is fear - the fear of separation from loved ones, and there is nothing strange in this.
sign language
Sign language: how to communicate with a child before he speaks
It is not necessary to wait until the child begins to speak in order to fully communicate with him. Children learn to understand the speech of adults much earlier than they pronounce their first words. In addition, they love to imitate and are happy to repeat various signs. Therefore, the first way to communicate can be sign language. He will bring communication with the baby to a new level. How to use sign language correctly and where to start?
child tired
When your baby has already played enough: we study behavior and react
With the advent of a baby in the family, adults do their best to guess and satisfy all the requirements of the little man in order to create comfortable conditions for his life and development. And this is correct, but it does not always work out and not for everyone: the smaller the peanut, the more difficult it is to understand what worries him and whether he worries at all.
Reading books
Reading to a child: how to do it with maximum benefit
All parents know that reading to a child from infancy is very important and useful. But six-month-old babies strive to gnaw a book, and one-year-olds cannot be “forced” to sit still and listen. And it seems that they are still too small to benefit and enjoy reading. When to start reading to children and how to do it right? Let's talk about it in the article.
How hormones help to become loving parents
"Maternal and paternal feelings are awakened instantly, if they only look at the child after his birth..." This is one of the main myths that can cause postpartum depression and dissatisfaction with oneself as a parent. Not every adult is able to experience the whole gamut of positive emotions when holding their baby for the first time. And that's normal. The good news is that it can be learned.
When Should You Give Your Child a Mobile Phone?
Mobile phones were once upon a time considered a luxury for adults and a way of communication as well. It is however now also seen in the hands of children, who watch cartoons, listen to music and also play games. When is the right time to give mobile phones to your kids? Read on.