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Dog and your baby
Introducing your New Born to your Pets
Pets always need some time to adjust to new members in the family. Whenever you are introducing a new born to a pet, you must remember that it is always a gradual process.
Baby crying
Your New Baby: What to expect
We all know of the storybook baby who sleeps for a long stretch at a time, and only wakes up to eat and coo at his parents. Most new parents believe this fantasy and, unfortunately, it is not what usually happens. It takes time to adjust - for everyone - Mom, Dad and baby. Since most parents expect their baby to be entirely different, they are often surprised and bewildered.
Child Development Degree
What Careers Can You Pursue With a Child Development Degree?
Child development is a field that studies kids, from newborns to adolescents, in areas like physical development, motor skills, intellectual development, language, and emotional development. This is a great field to consider if you want to work with children, but aren’t interested in becoming a teacher. Just want can you do with a degree in child development. Here are some of your career options.