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5-month-old child
5th Month: Infant Development and Milestones
We can say that one of the most enjoyable months for parents starts. Now the baby can easily recognize his parents during this month, and he can even figure out that he has a nutrition clock. Baby development in the 5th month is so fast that even the parents are surprised.
infant 4 months
4th Month: Infant Development and Milestones
You have entered the most enjoyable periods in baby development. Your baby’s movements have increased and become more conscious. Colic and gas pains have begun to disappear this month.
Newborn 1st month
1st Month: Newborn Development and Milestones
The first 28 days are very important for baby development. Babies usually are born between 2.5kg and 4kg. It is necessary to treat babies sensitively less than 2.5 kg. These infants should be fed more often and should be looked at in more hygienic conditions.
Child Development
Ways to Promote 4-Year-Old Child Development
The aim of recognizing and evaluating the developmental characteristics of children is about what they’re capable of, not about what they cannot do. Within this context, it also means eliciting the strengths of children.