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sign language
Sign language: how to communicate with a child before he speaks
It is not necessary to wait until the child begins to speak in order to fully communicate with him. Children learn to understand the speech of adults much earlier than they pronounce their first words. In addition, they love to imitate and are happy to repeat various signs. Therefore, the first way to communicate can be sign language. He will bring communication with the baby to a new level. How to use sign language correctly and where to start?
Reading books
Reading to a child: how to do it with maximum benefit
All parents know that reading to a child from infancy is very important and useful. But six-month-old babies strive to gnaw a book, and one-year-olds cannot be “forced” to sit still and listen. And it seems that they are still too small to benefit and enjoy reading. When to start reading to children and how to do it right? Let's talk about it in the article.
The Best Way a Dad Can Give Time to His Children This Summer
Though children are fond of their mothers, as they tend to spend more time with them, fathers can also be a great addition to the family by spending some of their most valuable time with their children and loved ones. Here are some ways in which a father can give time to his children this summer vacation.
Benefits of the Music for Babies
Babies hear outside sounds and get used to them in time when they are still in their mother’s womb. The sounds which they hear inside their mother’s womb sound familiar after they are born, for this reason they feel safe.