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Kid’s Social growth
For a healthy mental growth and development of a child, her social development is also necessary. Her interaction with you as well as with others in an acceptable method ensures to form a healthy relationship that helps her to fit into the communal state of affairs contentedly.
The Best Way a Dad Can Give Time to His Children This Summer
Though children are fond of their mothers, as they tend to spend more time with them, fathers can also be a great addition to the family by spending some of their most valuable time with their children and loved ones. Here are some ways in which a father can give time to his children this summer vacation.
Teach Your Kids to Love Exercise
Nowadays it is very common story that children are growing fatter. It happens for some bad habits such as watching TV for long hours, playing computer games, eating fast food, and not enjoying playing outdoors. But this is proven that kids love exercise; you have to just wake up early.
Factors Contributing to Child Development
Are you aware of the factors influencing the development in a child? There are two factors that influences the growth of a child. The environment and the genes can influence the development of a child. There are other factors that affect as well.
What is early intervention?
The term early intervention means taking action, initiation of therapies in a child with developmental delay as soon as the delay is recognized.