Benefits of the Music for Babies

Babies hear outside sounds and get used to them in time when they are still in their mother’s womb. The sounds which they hear inside their mother’s womb sound familiar after they are born, for this reason they feel safe.

There are many effects and benefits of the music on babies. We know that babies who listen to music are more calm and peaceful than their peers. Experts remark that music has an important place in the development of babies and children.

Newborns’ brain cells connect with each other in time and these connections become stronger. The cells which are not used die. According to the studies, when babies listen to music new ways and links are supported in their brains. Babies who listen to music in their mother’s womb are one step ahead of their peers in the field of sociality, memory, language and emotional intelligence when this process is continued after the delivery.

It is observed that babies move calmer with the music they listen in their mother’s womb. According to the scientific researches, when babies who are constantly crying and restless listen to music which they had listened when they were in their mother’s womb, it is observed that babies are relaxed with the familiar melodies and fall asleep. For this reason, Koran relaxes babies when it is recited. Babies who grow up with the music make progress rapidly in the development of ears and language.

Lullabies which are sang by their mothers to silence crying babies calm down babies. This is an important matter which prove the place of the music in babies’ world. Mothers should prefer music which contains calm rhythms when they play the music for babies. When you sing the lullabies when your baby is still in your womb, it will be effective to calm down her/him to listen this peaceful and familiar voice. That’s why mothers should introduce their babies to lullabies and music during pregnancy.

According to the studies which are carried out in the U.S.A., the influence of music on babies are from whetting the appetite to language development, from mental activities to stress, from heartbeat to the growth of the child.

Experts indicate that IQ levels of babies who fall asleep listening to music are 5 points more than the others. Especially classical music is quite effective.

Main Benefits of the Music

It contributes to mental activities by supporting the development of the brain.

It gives peace and calmness to the babies.

Babies who move according to the music grow faster in terms of muscle development.

Ears and language development of babies are faster with the music.

Heartbeats of babies are regular with the music.

Experts suggest that babies should listen to classical music. Besides, listening to Koran makes positive effects on the spirits of babies and causes getting positive results about the development of brain cells.