When Should You Give Your Child a Mobile Phone?

Mobile phones were once upon a time considered a luxury for adults and a way of communication as well. It is however now also seen in the hands of children, who watch cartoons, listen to music and also play games. When is the right time to give mobile phones to your kids? Read on.

When do children actually need a phone?

Children actually do not need a phone when they are small. Mobile phones have a number of adverse effects and at the same time they are also very addictive when it comes to using them for games, watching moves and listening to music. Exposing children to electronic gadgets can also damage their brain functioning and their eyesight as well. Thus there is no valid reason that why they should be given phones to use. It is important that you keep your phone to yourself.


When your child is a teenager

Teenager is the most important times of your Child’s life and this is also the time when your child can get carried away in the wrong direction. In today’s technology ridden world where the Internet is at your fingertips, it is very easy for your child to get carried away. You should give your child a mobile phone only when you feel that he is big enough to understand what is right and what is wrong and he is matured enough to handle phones. You can try giving a mobile phone to your child in his late teenage years.


Continue to maintain boundaries

Even if you have given your child a mobile phone, it is important to keep track of the same. You should always monitor your child’s actions, what he/she is viewing, whom they are talking to and what they are using the phone for. Most of the phones are Internet enabled which should be kept under control when your children are using it.

It is you as a parent whose main responsibility is to keep track of your children when they are using a cell phone. Keep track of the same and stay safe.